Some of the kind words people have said:

“Thank you again for the lovely walk and talk, it made for a wonderful afternoon! I will recommend you if I hear of anyone visiting Haworth!”

Lindsey and Winston! From Edinburgh University


“Thank you for your wonderful tour.  My mother was very happy to learn new things about Haworth at the time the Bronte sisters inhabited the place.  She said it was the best part of the trip”, Jiwon and her mum from Korea


“It was inspirational to hear readings from Wuthering Heights in the Brontes’ own landscape”, Helen from Nottingham.


“Thank you for taking care of Mrs. Laine and her guests in Haworth.  I very much appreciate you”, Linda from New York

Linda Noe Laine's party 1_opt


“Wonderful, thank you very much”, Emily from Binghamton University, New York.


“I now have vivid pictures of the 2 houses in mind as I finish Shirley”, Pat from Huddersfield Book Group.



“Two weeks and two days ago I had a very magnificent experience and this is thanks to your assistance. The dream of more than fifty years had come true”, Jean from Belgium Bronte Society.

Jean in Haworth, June 2012_opt

 Hen Party at the Bronte Waterfall!

Hen Party, August 2013_opt

On the way to Top Withens, Haworth, 2013_opt (2)


“ How happy I was there! If possible, I would visit there and see you again. I really appreciate your nice guide and kindness.  You were a woman with soft and gentle manner. I was very happy to walk together. I should have asked lots of questions about ‘Bronte stories’ to you. However, what I wanted to do there was to feel “the moor”, Shouko, Japan.



“Caroline thought Haworth was one of the two favorite things she saw in Europe and UK during a 2.5 month trip! I really enjoyed finally seeing the surroundings of the Brontes and Wuthering Heights. Your extensive knowledge of the subject also really enhanced our experience”, Phyllis and Caroline from Taiwan.

2 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Jacqueline Trengove

    Helen, thank you so much for our walk to the Bronte Waterfall on Monday. Your passion and in-depth knowledge of the Bronte history supplemented with your snippets from Wuthering Heights quoted along the way were truly inspirational – not to mention the windy drizzly morning of our walk which added that little something extra to the atmosphere. A thoroughly enjoyable morning indeed. Thank you !!

    • Helen

      Thank you, Jacqueline, For your lovely comment. It was a pleasure to take you and to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with you. I do meet some lovely people on my walks!

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