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Top Withens

Popular Walk - Yorkshire Rose


This invigorating walk takes you across the moors via the Bronte Waterfall, to the derelict farmhouse, Top Withens, said to be the inspiration for the home of the Earnshaws and Heathcliff…

The surroundings are certainly wuthering, but does this lowly farmhouse match Emily Bronte’s description of the house in Wuthering Heights? There are no ‘crumbling griffins and shameless little boys’ here…

Return via the hilltop village of Stanbury passing (or not!) the Wuthering Heights public house!

Walk Highlights:

  • Bronte Moors
  • Bronte Waterfall
  • Top Withens
  • Readings from Wuthering Heights

Distance: 6 miles (using local bus for last 2 miles); or 8 miles. Hard

image courtesy of Simon Warner : 

Dates for this walk

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Ponden Hall : model for ‘Thrushcross Grange’ or ‘Wuthering Heights’?

Ponden reservoir & Ponden Hall

Across the reservoir to Ponden Hall - Thrushcross Grange or Wuthering Heights?

Walk Highlights:

  • Bronte Moors
  • Ponden Hall
  • Readings from Wuthering Heights

Related Novel:

Wuthering Heights (Emily Bronte)

A walk across the moors, following part of the Bronte Way to Ponden Hall, seventeenth century home of the Heaton family, a family with an intriguing family history… Was this the model for ‘Thrushcross Grange – or ‘Wuthering Heights’?

Distance: 3.5 miles, using local bus to return to Haworth. Hard.

This walk can be combined with the Top Withens walk

Image courtesy Tim Green

Dates for this walk

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14 Responses to Top Withens

  1. Daniela Prina

    Hello, I am bringing a group of 13 A-level students to Haworth in April and we’d like a guided walk to Top Withens on Sat 27th April at around 10am. Will this be possible?

    • Helen

      Yes, of course. I welcome school groups. I’ll contact you via email to arrange it.
      Many thanks for your enquiry, Helen

  2. Carolyn Luxton

    Hi, we are bring 50 6th form students to Haworth 6-7 February 2014. We would like a guided walk around Top Withens and other Bronte sites. Many thanks Carolyn

    • Helen

      Thanks Carolyn for your enquiry. I’d be pleased to take your students on a guided walk. I’ll send you an email with more details. Helen

  3. Kerstin Thorn-Seshold

    I will be visiting York from 26-30 April. A visit to Haworth on the 28th or 29th would be great. How do I get there from York? I’d like to do a tour of Haworth and perhaps of Top Withens if the weather is good. Could you tell me if you have any tours on either of those two days?

  4. Abi

    Hi – I’m planning on visiting Haworth in August (about 19 or 20) and am looking for something Bronte-ish; is the Top Withins tour running any time then (my trip schedule is rather flexible so if it’s running at all in that time it might work out anyway!) – also does that tour include the Parsonage Museum, it said so on one page but didn’t mention the museum on the other!

    • Helen

      Hello Abi,
      I’ll be running the Bronte Waterfall walk on Tuesday 19 August at 1.00 p.m. from the Visitor Info Centre. Please see my website for further details.
      I’ll contact you by email too.

  5. Althea

    Dear Helen,

    I’ve been searching a tour to Top Withens and finally I got your website!
    I am a tourist from Hong Kong and do hope to see Top Withens!
    I would like to know if it’s possible to join your tour in late July (probably on 22/7 or 23/7) since I checked the timetable of the train, the last train back to Keightly scheduled at 4:20pm. As I read your website, it’s about 6 miles; I wonder if I can have a chance to visit Top Withens? Approximately, how many hours does it take? Or is there way that I can reach there by any bus service?

    • Helen

      Hello Althea,
      I’m glad you found me! Yes, I can take you to Top Withens on either of those dates. I’ll contact you by email to arrange it.

  6. Cal

    Hello Helen, I will be in Leeds this coming Saturday and Sunday (12 and 13 July) and I wondered if there were any guided walks going on, Top Withens etc. I am happy to join a Group. Either day fine for me. many thanks

    • Helen

      Hi Lucy, it was lovely to meet you on Saturday. I enjoyed our walk together and our chat! Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in sunny Yorkshire!

      All the best, Helen

  7. jan

    My sister and are coming to England in early October and would like to take one of your tours. Is that too late? We plan to stay in York and take either a train or bus to Haworth.



  8. Lyndsey

    Hi Helen,
    I’m hoping to bring a group of 6th Formers to Haworth in November. Can you advise me how much a guided walk to Top Withens and back would cost, and how long it would take? There will be 26 in our party.

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